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ITW Linx has been manufacturing products for the telecommunications market for over 20 years. ITW Linx has been the first in the industry with a number of protection products for telecom and datacom like the industry’s first 66 block protector and CAT5E / CAT6 protection families.

ITW Linx offers a full line of lightning and surge protection products covering the breadth of the telecom, datacom and physical security markets. The company also offers a full line of clips for securing cable and wiring to exterior surfaces. From rack mount solutions to pair by pair block protectors, they provide protection solutions from the most basic system, up to the latest technology. offers a variety of ITW Linx products not currently listed on the site. If you have any questions or need additional information about ITW Linx's products, please call us at 800.641.6416 or email

We carry many products by this manufacturer but we do not have them listed on this site currently. We would love to help you order by phone at 800-641-6416 or by email at

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