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With the world becoming more and more international, the need for reliable and precise language interpretation equipment is greater than ever. Interpretation has been a key factor in facilitating communication among different cultural and linguistic groups, thereby contributing to the establishment of the modern global economy. Providing language interpretation delivers a very important message: that the complete involvement of each person is highly valued and essential to the success of your event.

When the subtlety of meaning can be lost in as much as a tone of voice, clear sound is vitally important. Listen products deliver the clarity, the precision, and the reliability absolutely necessary in a world where every word can mean so much. Whether giving a tour for visiting dignitaries, training international employees, or providing dialog in performing arts, Listen's wireless audio products provide the clarity to hear subtle expressions of tone and inflection.

Interpretation equipment for:

  • House of worship service
  • School/education setting
  • Business or civic meetings
  • Recreational tours
  • Employee training
  • International conventions
  • Performing arts
  • Medical / Dental facilities
  • Law enforcement proceedings
  • Government / Civic events

Recommended Solutions for Language Interpretation:

Listen Tech provides demo systems for interested clients. If you would like to order a demo, call 800-641-6416.

If you have a question about which high quality tour headset system is right for you, call 800-641-6416 to talk to an expert.

Simultaneous Interpretation:

Simultaneous interpretation is a process that allows people to communicate directly across language and cultural boundaries using specialized technology and interpreters who are able to listen to one language while speaking simultaneously in another. The interpreter uses a transmitter to provide the interpretation to your guests. The interpretation is broadcast via a wireless system to the users who listen on small receivers with earphones (sometimes referred to simply as “headsets”). The receivers are multi-channel so the users can select the channel that corresponds to the language they wish to hear.

Interpreter Booth or Station:

The interpreters are isolated so they do not disturb the other interpreters or the audience. The can sit in another room or a special soundproof isolation booth - generally one for each language being interpreted - while simultaneously interpreting into a microphone. A Listen Stationary Transmitter would be used along with other equipment (stationary transmitters have a range of up to 3,000 feet or 915 meters).

Portable Interpretation Settings:

Small events (such as board meetings or worship services) will often not have an installed interpretation system. Other times your guests and interpreters are on the move (such as facility tours). Listen's Portable Transmitters broadcast the same high quality audio for guests, and can be easily stored with personal receivers in charging/carrying cases.

Whisper Interpretation:

While in the same room or a nearby area with an audio feed, the interpreter whispers into a microphone while your guests listen on personal receivers from anywhere within range of the transmitter (up to 150 feet or 46 meters). This type of interpretation is ideal for community service groups (PTA meetings, for example) and short meetings where maximum flexibility is required.

Focus on interpretation, not your equipment:

High quality, hassle free equipment is vital to providing quality interpretation. An interpreter cannot be distracted by their equipment!

Guest friendly:

Each guest wears a radio-like receiver with an earphone to listen to the interpretation at a volume that is personally comfortable.

Advanced audio quality:

With the highest quality audio in its class, your guests will enjoy the professional-looking and pleasant sounding equipment.

Multiple simultaneous interpretations:

Whether interpreting one or multiple languages, Listen systems offer field-tunable units for patrons. And there is no limit to the number of receivers that can be used with a single transmitter.


By programming units to display only the channels being used, you don't have to keep track of which receivers are set for which languages. Instead, patrons simply and easily scroll through the languages offered.

Easy to manage:

Store and recharge up to 16 Listen receivers and portable transmitters in one case! The system couldn't be easier to manage.

Customize a system to fit your needs:

Each Listen system can be customized to accommodate your requirements, regardless of group size.

Advanced battery technology eliminates hassles:

Use the same batteries over and over! Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries last ten times longer than typical NiCAD batteries and have no memory effect issues.

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