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Special Orders

We can get it for when you need it, where you need it

In the fast-paced world of the business and consumer world, people are looking for a One Stop Shop to take care of their procurement needs.

We have a highly technical team on staff. In conjunction with our expert buyers, we can source any product that you are looking for, regardless of whether we have purchased it before.

We're not just headsets anymore

Through our network of partners, we often source telecom equipment, electronics, and office products for our customers at discounted prices. Not only do we save our customers money--we save them lots of time as well.

We can solve your emergency needs

We are great at handling emergency procurement needs. If it's Friday, and you have a Saturday cutover, let us make a success of your last-minute purchasing emergency.

Contact us with your special order or emergency requests, and see what Tele-Communication, Inc. can do for you!

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